2002 Fair Results

2002 RIMS Inland Science and Engineering Fair

Hello to All:
The Private School Unified School District (PSUSD) advanced six students to compete at the RIMS Inland Science and Engineering Fair (representing Riverside, San Bernardino, Inyo and Mono Counties,) held on April 23rd - 24th, 2002. Here are the results:

  • Logan Creighton, 11th grade, Senior Division - 1st Place, Advances to State Competition
    "Can a Thermosyphon be Used Effectively as a Passive Heating and Cooling System?"
  • Gregory Schuster, 8th grade, Junior Division - 1st Place, Advances to State Competition and Junior Division Sweepstakes Winner
    "Truss Analysis: A Study in Engineering Practices"
  • Danny Eno, 6th grade, Junior Division - Gold Medal Winner
    "Which Cleaning Agent Works Best When Cleaning Your Hands?"
  • Robyn Miles, 7th grade, Junior Division - 1st Place, Advances to State Competition
    "Can Using Additional Stimuli Enhance Short-Term Memory Recall?"
  • Caleb Bagdanov, 6th grade, Junior Division - Gold Medal Winner
    "Can We Predict the Frequency of Genetic Traits?"
  • Melanie Miles, 5th grade, Elementary Division - 1st Place
    "Will Multiple Rows of Corn Pollinate Better Than One Row, Producing More Kernels Per Ear?"

Gregory Schuster won the SWEEPSTAKES AWARD (and giant trophy) for the Junior Division. That means that out of approximately 425 students competing (who represent thousands of projects that competed in the four county area,) his project was judged the best overall in the 6th through 8th grade Junior Division. The judges told him that this is the first time in years, as far as they can remember, the award went to someone in the category of Applied Mechanics. What an accomplishment.

Congratulations to all the winners - you ALL did a fantastic job. Thank you for all your hard work.


As you may know, the PSUSD represents home schooled students from all of Riverside County and has just completed it's 11th Annual Science Fair Competition in March. Much Thanks goes out to Rilla Rubke, PSUSD Chairman for the first 10 years; Diane Oliver, PSUSD Registrar for the first 10 years; Pam Goalwin, Judging Coordinator; and Bob Cashman, PSUSD County Liaison for 11 years. Without these people and others who have helped throughout the years, none of this would have been possible. All PSUSD competitors and their families are grateful for your efforts.

Irene Miles
PSUSD Co-Chairman

2002 California State Science Fair

The California State Science Fair (May 20-21, 2002) was a wonderful time for all who participated. The guest speaker for the opening program was the 1998 Nobel Laureate for Physiology and Medicine, Dr. Louis Ignarro, UCLA School of Medicine. He is also known as "Dr. No" due to the fact that his work is with Nitrous Oxide or "NO" and he loves James Bond 007. He was a GREAT speaker. The Closing Ceremony was highlighted by Gregory Schuster winning first place in his category for his project. CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are all so excited for Greg. PSUSD participants Logan Creighton and Robyn Miles also had a great time. This was Logan's third year at State and Robyn's first year. A lot of the projects that we viewed were fairly incredible.

We're looking forward to seeing you all next year at PSUSD.
Take care and keep in touch,