2017 Fair Results

PSUSD Results Feb. 7 2017

Congratulations to all of our 2017 winners! Thank you for participating with us!

Eden Bell, Kinder4, 1st place.

What Things in my House are Magnetic?

Yaroslav Lazarenkov, Kindergarten, 1st place.

Electrostatic Magic

Alexander Lazarenkov, Kindergarten,  1st place.

Electrostatic Magic

Liberty Bell, 2nd grade, 1st place.

How Does Water Affect Electrical Conduction?

Jarred Martin, 3rd grade, 2nd place.

Do my Eyes Deceive Me? (How Color Affects Taste)

Christopher Crane, 5th grade, 1st place, SIM nominee.

When Clean and Healthy- Make Dirty and Dead

Brenna Phororo, 7th grade, 2nd place, RCOE nominee.

What are the Effects of Bat Guano on Tomato Plants?


RCOE Results March 28th-29th 2017

Brenna Phororo, 7th Grade, Silver medal winner.


SIM Results April 4th-5th, 2017

Christiopher Crane, 5th grade, Unable to attend.